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Software Services

Leisure time is for relaxing and forgetting all about work for awhile.  Remember leisure time?  Decreased workforces result in an increased workload for the survivors, so you may be a little leisure challenged these days.  Is there a solution, before you stress yourself into oblivion?  You bet!  Let Ross Sampson Consulting help lighten your load so you can explore things other than your office.

Imagine this - you're driving along a scenic coastal highway on a warm cloudless day while we work out the design details of your next software project.  Or picture yourself under an umbrella on a sandy stretch of beach, enjoying a cool beverage, the sun and the soothing sound of the waves as we make final adjustments to the custom developed web-based application that will help streamline your business operations.

If this sounds like the best of both worlds, maybe it is - the work can get done while you and your development team have a life.  Give us a call to try this approach.  little starfish Ross Sampson Consulting software services include partial development tasks, to assist your team with a development effort, and complete projects, if you would prefer we write the software for you.  Our design analysis, for your software design, can be a valuable extra check before you begin development - we deliver an analysis report with suggestions for design improvement, possible design-to-development pitfalls, alternate choices for development and development testing tools and milestone checkpoints, as desired.  If your preference is to outsource a small project, we handle the whole enchilada - requirements gathering, preliminary design, and on your approval, complete development, testing and package delivery.

There's no better way to end a restful day than sitting on the open patio of a quaint restaurant overlooking the coast, relishing a tasty beverage, enjoying the fabulous pre-sunset view and anticipating the delicious meal being prepared, without any thoughts other than what's in front of you.  Be sure to check our availability when you want assistance with your next project, we might be at the patio table beside you relaxing too!

A document with more information on our Software Services and contract types is available on the Inquiries page.  Simply submit an Inquiry form or call if you would like information specific to a project you're planning.  We will be happy to contact you via email (or other means that you provide).