graphic-bridge gracefully snaking between land fingers


One definition of a bridge is "... a thing that provides connection, contact".  Accessibility features are that and more - they offer a way to interact and participate for a broader audience.  We like to think of it as an easy way to get from here to there; in effect, bridging the gap.

A Web site or Web application with built-in accessibility features doesn't just benefit those with special considerations.  Providing clear content and consistent navigation is a benefit to all users.  And when more users can understand your site or application, the benefit is ultimately to you.

graphic-long bridge over water connecting two distant shores

How do you get started making your Web site or application accessible?  That's where we come in.  Ross Sampson Consulting can help with an Accessibility Analysis (for you to complete the work) or we can redesign a site or application for you.  We also incorporate accessibility features into any new projects we design, since the amount of effort up front is well worth the end result.  It's only fair everyone can get to the information you want to share with the world on the Internet or with your employees on a company intranet, don't you agree?

A document with more information on Ross Sampson Consulting's Accessible Web Services and contract types is available on the Inquiry page.  If you would like information specific to a project you're planning, just fill out an Inquiry form and we will be happy to contact you via email (or other means that you provide).