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There is an old fable about a group of blind men and an elephant - each of the men touches a different part of the elephant and forms an opinion of the animal based on his perception.  The man that touches the elephant's side thinks the elephant is like a wall, the one that touches the trunk thinks the elephant is like a snake, the elephant's leg gives the impression it is like a tree, a touch of the ear makes it similar to a fan, a tusk likens it to a spear and touching the tail makes the elephant seem like a rope.  The point of the story is:  there are always different ways of looking at something, and perceptions can vary depending on the observer.  We would like to suggest that the same thing is true of a Web site.

While you may never have thought of your Web site as an elephant before, we have.  We see a Web site as a smoothly integrated sum of several functioning parts; the parts your users access depending on their needs instead of their perceptions:

Ross Sampson Consulting likes to be clear on the goal of a Web site at the beginning, so the most effective design for that goal is created.  And just like the elephant in the story, the Web site may have parts that seem different but all work together to create the whole.

Our other Web Services may also be of interest - perhaps we can help you with a custom Web-based application or a Web-based user interface for your database.  And if you have a Web site, but not a devoted resource to keep the site up to speed with company changes, consider letting us be that resource.  Ross Sampson Consulting can design a new site, update your existing site, or assist with Accessibility Compliance.  We work from our office, when you need us.

A document with more information on our process for Web development and contract types is available for download on the Inquiry page.  If you would like information specific to a project you're planning, just send an Inquiry and we will be happy to contact you via email (or other means that you provide).

Ross Sampson Consulting presents our latest recipe
Our developers and testers have created a new recipe for you to try.  It's destined to become a favorite of elephants everywhere, especially when the weather gets warm (no cooking!).  Click on the charging elephant button or follow the link to the recipe.