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Non-Technical Descriptions of Services

Many small or home businesses do not sell computer services or computer related products.  While there might be a need to use these things, a deep understanding of how a computer tool works or how a Web site is created is not a top priority.  Your energies can and should be focused on growing your business - ours are focused on helping you achieve that goal.

Ross Sampson Consulting can take care of the technical details that may have been a stumbling block for you in the past.  If you want your first Web site created, your existing site updated, or suggestions on a computer system with components that do exactly what your business needs, our time can be devoted to those efforts so yours is free for more creative pursuits.  We work on a contract basis, which means you don't have to hire a full-time technical person for your infrequent technical tasks.

Web Services

If you have a small or home business, your "staff" may consist of only a handful of people, or just you.  Attempting to market your business involves time better spent actually doing the business, whether you provide a service, create products, or act as a distributorship. Consider the time you could save if you had an automated advertising/marketing tool.  A Web site can be that tool.  Your Web site can communicate information and answer questions for you, almost like another employee that never goes off the clock.

Computer System and Software Services

There is probably a computer system involved in your small or home business operation somewhere - it could be your personal computer that was drafted into service when you wanted a faster way to produce billing invoices.  Has your business outgrown your computer system?  Or do you want to replace a component, say a printer, with a newer or faster model?  You're not a computer geek, and have no interest in becoming one just to find a printer that will suit your needs.  We are.  Computers are our business, our interest and our expertise; Ross Sampson Consulting can help with the selection of your computer system components so you can get what you need without investing the research time.

We also develop custom software that could be just the missing link you need.  If your business doesn't fit into the mold of boxed business tools, that doesn't mean you're not doing your business correctly.  It means you require a tool that does business like you do, and a custom developed application could be the answer.  Think about a process you perform manually time after time, maybe creating monthly invoices.  While the manual method works fine for a handful of invoices, as your business grows, so will the time you spend performing this task. We can create a software package to do it for you, just the way you would do it by hand.

Let's Talk

Please send us an inquiry and type in your specific questions in the comments box.  If you feel more comfortable with a phone call, just include your telephone number and we can give you a call to discuss your small or home business needs (include hours/days when it would be convenient for you to take our call).