framed house blueprint
tool box with tools


A blueprint, expert advice, and the proper tools may be the most important requirements to insure success in a building project.  But what about a slightly different type of architectural endeavor, a computer system architecture?  No power tools or reminders of shop safety necessary, but you are going to need a blueprint and expert advice.

First, put the power saw down!  Then, call Ross Sampson Consulting.  We can develop the blueprint for a new system architecture, or help remodel an existing one to the changing needs of your business.  Too often, system architecture plans are developed with either the "I have a hammer" or the "gigantic tool sale" approach:

Don't get the idea that our system architects don't get to have any fun.  They get to research all the new and cool components available and become familiar with their best applications as well as better ways to configure networks and peripherals.  Knowledge is power.  Maybe not a swell time to the average person, but we can accurately call our system architects 'beyond average'.

For more information on our System Architecture services and contract types, download the PDF file on Architecture on the Inquiry page.  If you would like information specific to a project you're planning, just fill out an Inquiry form and we will be happy to contact you via email (or other means that you provide).