cheery snowman


Snowfall can be so calming, watching each snowflake silently float down to create a glistening white blanket over the landscape.  And the driveway, sidewalks and streets.  A winter wonderland is pleasant for those that know how to deal with it, but quite daunting for those that don't - just like a database.

From your database user's point of view, is data entry like an invigorating walk in the crunchy snow or more like a terrifying stumble down icy steps?  Ross Sampson Consulting can create a Web-based user interface to your database so users aren't afraid to enter data.  With password protected entry and security features, users can interact with your database from remote locations.  Custom page designs assist users by guiding them through data entry with familiar terms and easy to understand navigation.  When users are more comfortable entering data, more data gets entered.

What about your database administrator's level of comfort?  All that data entry might look about as friendly as a blizzard from an administrative standpoint.  We can help there, too, by providing temporary or as-needed database expertise to keep your database and your database administrators happy.  Since database applications are as unique as snowflakes, the first step is an analysis of the database you have or the one you want.  An understanding of your database goals will enable us to suggest a workable initial design, re-design, migration schedule or optimization plan.  We can also map out ongoing maintenance activities so your database won't suffer freeze and thaw cycles like the seasons.

For more information on Ross Sampson Consulting's Database Services and contract types, please download the Database document on the Inquiry page.  If you would like information specific to a project you're planning, just fill out an Inquiry form and we will be happy to contact you via email, or other means that you provide.